How did the idea for B2B PARK come about?

B2B PARK is modeled & designed with a world-class standard in mind, will attract global wholesale buyers and sellers. B2B PARK will create a business hub that includes product manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Efficiency At B2B PARK, buyers will be able to connect directly to the source by meeting with representatives from the manufacturers, distributors and material suppliers.

Some tenants may choose to make their B2B PARK sales office a major part of their future business plans, however it is not required that a business relocate. Tenants simply need to have a manned office/product showcase suite. This can be done through a variety of ways, from staffing the suite with a current employee to utilizing the B2B PARK HR and on-site staffing service to assist in hiring a representative.

B2B PARK is seeking to select the optimal tenant mix. Great care has been taken to acquire a balance of small, medium and large companies, as well as a vibrant mix of domestic and international tenants throughout all of the product categories.

Working with a local partner, such as Social life by Riich Me, is the most effective way to enable’s ecommerce & social network plateform and application of online services from products/foods ordering to hotel booking, reserving transportation and d2d delivery. The app integrates mandatory cashless payment systems, a first in Cambodia which usually relies on cash on delivery.